• SS19 - Silence

    Silent is how I'm feeling about this life, every individual works seperately but still dying for contribution in their own way.I want to bring them all together,those different colours, to make a collection just for myself. A bit complication of patchwork, geometry of space structure.. but afterall,just the light &romantic emotions that come from the fabric &colours remains.

    SS19 - Silence
  • Resort 2019

    Following the dream of being the Ocean’s creatures in Collection No.10, Resort 2019 brings the romantis from those details in Collection No.10. Similar forms & shapes but irregular, and more fun… by rounded cutting lines to form the shape of the stingray or those legs of the jellyfish which are totally handmade… Main material is made in Vietnam by waeving from flax, silk & fleece with basic light colours in order to create the romantic & poetic parts of life.

    Resort 2019
  • No.10 - The Shape Of Water

    Haunted by the transparent creatures under the sea, showing off their true beauty without any disguise, just like organza silk, which is the main material of this collection - No.10 - The Shape Of Water

    No.10 - The Shape Of Water
  • No.09

    You do not live your life for others. Just let yourself enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your work like it’s your passion. No.9 also use Vietnameses silk to make those who love challenges believe. Defiant but elegant, the magical look of organza is whispering “Inside or outside are just the same, only honesty would bring happiness for yourself and people around you”. The complicated inner heart was described by many little details. It’s exposed despite anything. I’m talking about the ladies, exactly about the ladies. The kinky ladies but extremely grooming. Femininity but breaking rules is how I see these women. That’s what I try to apply on the cutting line also, gentle but wild.


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